Tuesday, August 26, 2008

BALI Here I COME!!!!

Finally the much awaited Day is arriving soon. First off Olympic have come and gone now. 16 days of intense sporting event. Lots of world record fell in the swimming part of the competition. Really a great watch for those event.

Next BALI !!! yeah my BALI scuba diving trip is finally here. Will be leaving this friday at 9.50am flight by MAS and return on the 3rd By AirAsia. Reach home late at night liao. Plan tis trip for a year already. well nearly one year la. Hopefully i'll have a wonderful Diving trip there.

On another hand today AirAsia is giving away 1 million FOC ticket again. Well book your ticket early ooo if wanna go for a trip next year. Travelling date is from April 2009 till July 31st. So plan up your trip. Cost for flight to Hong Kong only RM 330 per person so cheapppppp.... hmmmmm who wanna goooo... :p

Anyway still finding the olympics torch picture hahaha must be stuck in my office external HDD lazy to go dig it out so that's why the quote Still Finding :p Will try and not be lazy and go back office to dig those picture out and post here. And of Course will not be here from this friday onwards till after my BALI trip. If i come back in one piece and not in pieces :p (touch wood) So all in all can't wait for my trip wheeeeee seems there will be another 15 or 16 other people that's going together with me for the diving trip. So well hope to find a nice good buddy there. So ADIOS!!!!! see ya again after 3rd September. Have a Good Merdeka Holiday. Forget about the patriotism of merdeka Just enjoy the holiday it gives only.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yuzu Japanese Restaurant @ Gardens

Ho ho ho.... Just got back from ipoh after visiting my granny. Well granny seems okay hope she'll pull through everything. Driving back was fun from My Aunt House in Pasir Pinji right back to my House took me 1 hour 50 min. Hahaha Was driving at the avg speed of 140 to 160 And the trip to and fro from kl - ipoh - kl 1 tank of petrol kau tim total milleage was only at 490km before the last bar. So not bad not bad even at that kind of speed. Going there avg speed was 120 to 140. cuz got 5 ppl in the car heavy la wat to do.

Anyhow got back and went to Mid Valley for Dinner for a friend B'day today. So we makan at Yuzu Restaurant. The details... well then as follow the usual la. Oh yes its actually a sister company of Ninja Jones that i've been to last month.

This of course is the Entrance. Well my camera lau ya so cannot see the water flowing down from the signboard of their restaurant. Below the sign where it stands its actually a small and shallow fish aquarium with fishes inside... man i hope those sashimi i've eaten is not breed in this pond.

This is the Table setting for the restaurant and some of the ambiance inside the restaurant.

This place if you were to eat it will give you the privacy feeling as a lot of their tables inside are sort of partition off into a room like environment and the partition is made of bamboo. So good place to sit down relax and catch up with friends.

Well well this is as everyone knows its Raw Salmon. Its actually Salmon Belly and the normal salmon meat. So you add those two up plus those below....

That will be a super geng Wasabi according to the birthday girl. And the cup is Fish Egg. nice crunchy eggs Salmon Egg. So you add these 4 picture up you'll end up with the following picture.

See they come in a very nicely decorated plate and it cost RM 42 bucks if i didn't recall wrongly. Look at the close up of the eggs... see lots of eye there looking at you. :p

These are two separate dishes.... The prawn.... Well its the King Prawn Roll. Nice and yummy. Taste good you know. The other one my fav. Wagyu Beef. Man these beef is so tender and nice and juicy... Really taste good Must try for this one. It taste abit different from Ninja Jones. Each got their own way of cooking i suppose. But damm those meat are really really soft and juicy. Still drooling over the taste now.

See this 4 Picture.... It all comes a set. It cost RM 48. With this set you can saviour the nice taste of Wagyu Beef, The fresh Sashimi, Tempura, Sushi, Steam Egg, Fruits, salad and some appetizer i suppose you call it contains some pickles and fish. Really worth it and u get to taste everything here. Yummy Yummy. And it is being serve like the following picture.

Oh and not forgetting its also comes with a pot of Tea they call it but it looks more like a mixture of miso soup. See the bottom picture and the content inside. The unique small cup thats comes together too :)

All in all it was a wonder eat there. Good place good ambiance. Oh yeah total bill comes out RM 219 for all those. On the expensive side but not everyday go eat so okay la.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Its Monday Again.

Lets see... Last 5 days life goes on as usual. Olympics fever is in the air now. Was suppose to go down to Singapore Last Thursday but then my grandma was admitted to hospital and was kind of in a critical condition. So decided to cancel in case anything happen. Moreover the trip to Singapore was for leisure and to check out some stuff not that important. So what happen next... Just stay at home lo play game as my usual routine ahaha. Oh yes and finish reading the Book Warhammer 40K Wolfblade.

And went for bowling too in Bukit Jalil. So our bowling kakis officially started off the penalty system within us friends. So far included in the gang was Calvin, Tham and me. Waiting for the BamBam to join in and hopefully maybe sulyn and hubby wanna join in too. The rules of the penalty... well first ball throw must hit a minimum of 4 pins. Total per frame must be minimum 7 pin fall. Otherwise maximum penalty is 40 cents 20cents per mistake made. End of the day the coffer we go out yam cha ahahaha. Treasurer in charge of course uncle Lim. This rules compare to last time hmmm its just a fraction of it only something to start with. Last time the penalty for the bowling club i join once was Min 7 pin fall for first ball. Otherwise penalty RM 1. Of course back then getting 7 pin fall was kind of easy. Back then if we get a Turkey or more we get back some consolation. For us now... well am still waiting for the coffer to grow bigger before revising the rules. :p Best part after this was introduce into our bowling game.... every play too safely ahahaha till the scores was like gosh... below 100 for me... man... that sucks... comparing to the first game was 151. So the total collected for the first day was errrr... hmmm... 3 bucks i think. Major donation comes from Tham dodo of course. Second is Uncle lim and me too got to donate 60 cents. hehehe. Well encourage us to play better.

Olympics Opening Ceremony was on a Friday. Well Sulyn and Meng came over to watch. The Opening ceremony was great. Nicely done. Bravo China it shows Chinese people are great creative people as usual. It was a long ceremony 4 hours and our Malaysian team was the 10th to come out. pity them standing in the middle of the field for few hours. My dad call back from there too ahaha but talk to my brother. Nice ambiance i heard but damm HOT ahahaha.

Saturday was a day to stay at home and watch the TV. Same goes for Sunday. Best part Our 1st Malaysia Swimmer to have an event got commented by the commentator. Of course not being the good thing, They commented our poor girl got the Oldest of all swimsuit among all the swimmer that's competing there. Pity pity.

Well i wanted to post the picture of the Olympic Torch but then i dunno where i stuff the picture wait i find it back i'll post the close up picture of the torch. I remember i have it somewhere dunno which CD or HDD now :p

Today is Monday, Mom just say tomorrow go back to ipoh to pay Granny our Last respect. She's in a very critical condition now. So tomorrow will drive back to Ipoh to see my granny maybe for the last time too. One of my Aunt went to a medium somewhere in Sg Buloh. It seems that my granny soul already left her body but well she's still breathing back in the nursing home. The medium is a guy and when my supposedly Granny soul possessed his body he started to speak like a women and in Hokkien and scolding my Aunt saying she have died and all the children and grandchildren didn't even go pay her the last respect... gosh... how true well up to the person to believe. But then again the medium did say later that my granny will have about 2 to 3 days more to live. And if she does pass away in 3 days time... it will conincides with the chinese 14th day of the 7th lunar month also known as the Hungry ghost festival. The exact date too. Well my aunt in ipoh who look after granny and my mom too did prayers to the lord to ask that Granny will die peacefully instead of seeing her suffering now by having tubes inserting to her and seeing her suffer and can't eat properly. Poor thing. Oh yeah My Granny is a Century old.

Oh well Hope my granny will leave peacefully too and be by the side of the Lord.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Marcus Birthday Celebration & Olympics Ticket.

One week didn't post much cuz not much have happen other then some personal problems which don't want to be discuss here. Otherwise Nothing big but of Course Me and the Heng Dai celebrated Marcus Birthday at Sanctuary. Of course we had dinner at TGIF first. We wanted to get them to sing for Marcus but then our birthday boy decided otherwise cuz Malu apa boleh buat. Anyhow During dinner forgotten to bring my trusty camera so in the end when going to sanctuary only decided to go back down to the car and take. Oh yes the birthday dinner and drinking was on a thursday night. 31st of July 2008.

Here's what transpire in Sanctuary,

When everone was sober we had a picture. The second picture well.... i dunno what is Daniel is trying to do to Jordan with that bottle. Seems like wanna stuff it up his nose.

Here's the view inside the Place it wasn't really packed Cuz it is a thursday night after all and no cover charge. Here's Jordan with the Birthday Boy Marcus with a bottle of Henessy. Now that is not what we've ordered. It was a decorative bottle just next to our table that's facing outside these two just wanted to pose with it. And the best part was Somehow or rather They Shaked the Bottle too hard and just happen the bottle cap for this Henessy got shot out and fly to god knows where.

Just wanted a picture with the nice erm Dunno what kind of decorative was that but it seems to be the stage of the place. And Here's Kok Weng with a hmmm... Well lets just say he's selling himself so if you want his service the cost of "him" Its written on that piece of paper.

Here's One for Birthday Boy Toast!!! And here's when everyone have their little drink with the faces RED and there comes Tham the late comer to join in. He looks fresh no drinks yet.

This is the Whiskey that we had... Not really a good taste but well their sales girl say "Oh its a very good drink better then Chivas... " Yeah right my @ss. And After some drink Jordan got high and try to be a monkey which kena stop later on by the Bouncer. guess what the bouncer say... " If you want to do exercise there's a GYM just below us "

This is one is their promotion that's stick to the table top. Sounds interesting ROJAK... well lucky its mostly R&B for the day.

This is a Liquor girl selling test tube liquor. We got 1 for Marcus and gosh i dunno what it taste like But since we got him a liquor i don't mind to take a picture with the lovely girl right.

Next On Agenda Just Over the weekend i got the Couple of most sought after ticket in the World today. The 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony Ticket. Well its not my ticket was taking it for my treasurer and in Malaysia there's only a handful of them. You got Money also hard to come by these ticket now. And the Ticket Actually feels like rubber. More like there's rubber insulin inside the ticket.

This is the Actual Ticket Front and Back for the upcoming Olympic Games 2008 In Beijing.

A Closer Look at the ticket in these two picture.

The Watermarks of the ticket and the Official Sponsors for the Games in the reverse side of the Ticket.

Last but not least just to show i got 2 Ticket to be given to my Company Treasurer who is going for this Opening Ceremony.