Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My my my my.... hooo huuummm what's my title arr...

Long time no post and dunno what to post ahahaha. Well I got a new Toy and its a Canon 450D DSLR camera. Its sooo nice. Well i got it from singapore cost a bomb 3k plus with all those kilik kalak stuff. Then again its still cheaper then Malaysia. Hmm Then went to Patrick Uncle orchard in Bentong and by gosh its a wonderful place to be. Really a great place for a retreat. Cant wait to go there again. Tis time round no picture but deric facebook got some Pictures of the Orchard. Next time i shall bring my camera along and take more picture of the place.

Damm the Asian university Games is just around the corner... bz bz bz.... and Christmas... Shopping Shopping Shopping !!!!... okay CNY ... Ang Pow Ang Pow Ang Pow... ok its a jolly season :p

Just to wish who ever that read my lousy blog Merry Christmas and have a Wonderful New Year 2009.