Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What transpire over the weekend.

Weekend everyone look forward to it. Cuz its usually a break for a hell lot of people around. Some unfortunate one will be working of course but well mine... its an off day. So lets see on Friday evening i went to The Curve to have dinner with my cousin at this German Restaurant. Of course the bill came out to about 160 plus for 2 person. Anyhow it will be an early birthday presents for my cousin since among all my cousin we are the only one that celebrate each other birthday.

Now this is the Bar counter for the Bavarian Bierhaus at The Curve. Good food good beer.

This is the German Beer we had. Not cheap 30 buckaroos per mug. But well worth the money for the taste. Not any cheap Carlsberg or Tiger beer.

The food. Well i had this Pork Knuckle which is a very big serving for a single person. But gosh the taste of it.... yummy.... although there's a lot of fat behind the very crispy skin but if you scrap those fat away its all nice lean meat. Yummy. The sauce oh its very nice alright. Goes perfectly well with the fries. Its served originally with some sour veg, but i decided otherwise to change it with some fries. Oh yes there's even bacon as a side dish too and the bacon is good.

My cousin ordered some hot dogs with bacon. Same thing instead of the sour veg. she change it with mash potatoes and it ended up like this. Served with bacon too.

Now for PART II
After a Batman movie at the Curve I went to laundry BAR with May Wong and Hubby plus her friends. And some picture to follow as well.

This is the Menu for the Laundry Bar. Simple and nice. Oh yes this is just the Drinks menu with some snacks inside. Normal for any clubs or pubs these days nothing new.

Now this is the lovely couple that's getting married on December 31 this year. Congrats May.
And of course tis is May friend. Sorry ya forgotten her name but then May as usual super poser with anything on her hand this two now well they didn't get their lovely kissed from their respective hubby and bf so decided the liquor casing is a good kiss :p

See i don't tell a lie. Give her anything in her hand she'll figure a good pose of that stuff.
Ah yes me and her husband having a picture.

And this final picture is just sort of a group picture where May Hubby help to snap away.

PART III of the weekend....

On Sunday I went down to Melacca with my parents. Of course we went back to seremban first to pick up my uncle, aunt and son. When reach Melacca my cousin greeted us somewhere in Alor Gajah and brought us to his house. And gosh he have 1 whole basket full of mangosteen(sorry forgotten to take picture too mesmerized by the durian) and not forgetting the durian in his minivan.

See the amount of Durian for hmmm lets see 1,2,3 ... 7people to eat in the house. Of course we can't finish it. But heck its all good durian here. Got D24, Red Prawn, 101 some durian Kampung and even got this what you call "Wu Lou" in english its called Calabash , but then he just have 3 fruit of it. 1 eaten there and 2 more brought home to eat.

This is the inside of the Calabash Durian. and In case if you don't know how a calabash look like the other is a picture of it grab off wikipedia. The taste.... well of course its damm good.

This is some of the durian i open. it include 101 & Red Prawn (Hung Har some call it) And my my this Red Prawn durian is some expensive shit to eat. Typically it cost around 10 to 20 bucks to per fruit outside and when u open it, It will only have 1 or 2 fruit for you to eat. So its one costly shit.

Now i take this picture to show you how BIG the flesh is inside a Red Prawn and the one next to it is the original fruit. But imagine how big this flesh is compare to the Butcher knife.

Here's a close up of Red Prawn and a D24.

Not Missing out the Fly that flies around in my cousin house when i was opening those fruit. See they are good eater attracted to goooooooodddd smell. :)

Of all the durian i think there's about 60 over fruit that my cousin brought back and in his house we've only eaten around 10 fruit. the rest was brought back to seremban and distribute a little among the uncle and aunt in seremban. I brought home 37 fruit to KL and gosh the hardest part was opening all of them Took me 1 whole damm hour just to open up all of them and that's didn't even include the time eating the durian. I was stuff anyway to eat anymore durian for the evening so i just sit down and open the fruit. Of course the casualty was my poor palm with thousands of holes hahahaha but what to do for the love of eating the fruit. yum yum.

Friday, July 25, 2008

X-Files - I Want To Believe Movie Outing

Well well... First off just to say a Thank You to Tammy @ Miu in MYB for the Free ticket to the opening night for the movie X-Files. As the poster here show. Sorry ya this poster from the net somewhere i got it. Malaysia poster in cinema is different.

The movie..... hmmm to me personally.... I like the First movie better more action i suppose. But if based on the title "I Want to Believe" well they live up to their title, weather do you want to believe or not. Of course, me being an avid X-Files movie for their Season 1 ONLY !! tongue.gif this time round they have change the way their movie is scripted.

Last time (based on what i have watch) their TV series and movie is about the unexplained and the show will always kept you in the dark with their ending. This time round they somehow ended the investigation but by using some unscientific method which Scientist say its a big bluff blah blah you know la with their "Permanent Head Damage". Of course it have its doubt and question shown in the show but it does ended with Do you want to believe that this power or superstitious Exist.

So for their title yes they live up to that expectation. As for Fox Mulder, he definitely gain a lot of weight and as for Scully age is really catching up with her. So in the movie the action scene is kind of limited. Somehow watching this movie reminds you a little of CSI series. It is not an action movie ya BTW. If its a thriller movie ... nah... don't have much of it. Their TV series have more of that. But all in all its a brand new concept of watching X-Files now. Oh yeah we get to see Skinner too at the end just for a short while.

Now first off. This is a sort of gathering of Bloggers & Forumers' from MYB but only a handful of MYB came ahahaha majority of them are Bloggers. Sorry guys i don't recall your name much but i'll get them from Miu Later. And here's just Some of the picture i've capture

Of course to show the ticket here we go. See its Complimentary.

That's Me, Miu and May. Thanks again ya Miu for the ticket.

My good clubbing and makan makan friend May Wong soon to be changing surname come this december ahahaha. Eh may never really remember ur hubby surname la. :p

Although they are really really out of season cosplay but never the less its still worth catching a picture with these guys. I heard they always come around in this costume during the opening night of a movie. Hey then again it will be back into season soon within a month or so the Star Wars - Clone Wars is coming out. Its an animation in case if you don't know.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Funky CAR & Yummy Food

Gosh time really flies blink of an eye 1 week is gone. Over the week well normal what else can you get from work but some screw up screwing by your boss. That's a norm i suppose. I went for a "snack" at kapar a few days back and yes its Kapar in Klang near to kuala selangor already and have a few picture to show only from there. Didn't have big appetite... yeah right me appetite for seafood... hahaha...

Now here we got Crabbieeee cook in ermmm forgot how to say it in english but well its salty. I nearly Single handedly finish the whole plate of crab and its 1KG worth of it. of course 70% of it belongs to those shells. And then we got our squid crispy eh.

Then we got this Clam Looooonnngggg clam that taste Yummy you know. And a close up picture of the crabbie that i eat. kind of dark i notice... should have done some adjustment... but wth lazy ahahaha.

Oh yes and If you got tooo much free time while eating .... You can always do this. Of course don't do it in front of ur mama. Else she'll be yelling " BOY !!! HOW MANY TIMES I'VE TOLD YOU NOT TO PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD!!!! " :p

Next Up ... I Went to this CV Audio Accessories Workshop in Taman Desa there. i think its Taman Desa.... but anyway i went there to fix my audio system as i did some changes to it sometimes back in ipoh and then it gave me an "aeroplane" sound when i rev my car. So they are kind enough to fix it for me for Free since my whole audio system was bought from them sometimes back :p So while i was hanging around there i saw this ermmm well they call it a competition car as this car is going to be participating in a competition. Best part is it have a DAMM big Sports RIM. as the picture will show. Well got to thank them as i say can i take some pictures and they allow me to. :)

Now from this picture i can say you guys can guess how big the RIMS is.... i dunno it can even fit in a lorry. And the tyre is like Super Thin. :p

The Branding of this RIM... WORK.... reminds me to go back to work sad sad.

The Interior of the CAR that they are fixing up the Audio System. Its practically strip down... well not completely naked yet but still quite naked for an interior of the car. Oh yes and this car is a TOYOTA Harrier. My my... how much $$$ do i require to fix this up i wonderrrrrr......

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lunch at Ninja Jones at Midvalley Northpoint

Lunch at Midvalley Ninja Jones with my god mother and a colleague yesterday was very very nice. Of course its FOC for me ahahaha but then the meal and ambiance there is really nice. Well before i went there i actually went down to Mantin and bought some Durian from a friend parents. I got my self around 30 fruit of durian for RM 130.00 of mix including those of D24, 101 etc. Mostly Good durian. Because of this also i was kind of late to pick up my god mother.

Anyhow we reach Ninja Jones at around 1.30pm. I get to know that their operating hour was from 12 to 2.30 and 6 to 9.30 only. So the kitchen only operates on those hours otherwise its close. The location of this place is not within the Mid Valley shopping mall itself. Its at the new apartment opposite of the road.

This is basically what will be greeting you upon your arrival. This door is forever close so don't think that its close. Just go to the right hand sideof the door there will be a button there for u to press. Once you are inside you'll be greeted by the waitresses or Ninja that's on duty.

Here's some of the decoration from within the restaurant itself. Its very cozy and nicely decorated.

This is also part of the decoration there. Its not for drinking. Its along the staircase while you are walking up to the first floor.

Now this is the actual ambiances in the restaurant. No flash in these two picture. The previous picture are all taken with flash so it nullifies the color of the places.

Now for the table Deco We have this. Simple only just that their chopstick have some extra cover for it. Otherwise nothing fancy. And on every of their tables and chair they will have this chinese word called "Yan" in malay i will call it Tahan ahahaha :p

For a starter we had this Beef Salad. If didn't recall wrongly is Beef Shabu Shabu salad. The second is the Salmon Salad. Which is a new addition to their menu and its currently at 20% discount. Its laced with wasabi in their salad dressing.

Next we had the King Prawn Roll. Yummy yummy it have a salmon and avacado topping with some sesame seed for finishes touch. The sos that's on the deco plate are avacado and teriyaki.

Not missing out to try their fresh sushi. Dunno why everywhere i go sure will have this too. :) This one ordered by my colleague but i added another serving to it hahaha.

Of course not missing out my Favorite Unagi. Any japanese restaurant i go to sure will order this.
For this unagi i think i'll still give my favorite back to Zen in Pyramid.

This one is their Wagyu Beef one of their signature dishes. Taste Yummy. As people know of beef being tender and if its over cooked you need to have some teeth to chew on it. But this beef is surprisingly soft and its texture don't require to have a lot of chew on it. Its exactly like chewing on some luncheon meat.

Next up is the shishamo. I don't know why a lot of people don't know what fish is this so i decided to take a picture of the inside of this small little fella. Its actually a fish that's filled with fish roe. Its best taken when its hot and not cold.

Not missing out will be the Grilled King Mushroom. Looks like a sea fan eh.

The grill part... well we have 2 picture Add them both up and we will end up with the below.

Ta Da !!! Grill your own beef ahaha :p This is also a Wagyu Beef their specialty beef.

Our last dish was this one. Same thing Add both up and ended up with well not exactly below but its just the beginning of adding some vege into the soup :p

Just to show how little soup were there inside. As shown here. Actually forgotten to take a picture of the soup with all the vege in it. Too busy Eating ahahaha.

And last but not least. Their male waiter are all dressed in Ninja costume Of course this fella took the sword from their deco and have a picture with me. On my request that is :p