Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My BALI trip Experience. Day 2

Its Day 2 of our trip and A beautiful sunrise from the seaside greeted me. Well i woke up at around 6.15am. Strange but true auto wake up ahahaha. but of course i slept at around 10.30pm that night. So while on the way to the beach to capture this nice sunrise i also come across the Balinese altar where they do their prayer as shown here.

After the nice picture come the "shore" for Tulamben. Well its full of stones and their stone is smooth and dark. mainly is because these are all previously the remnants of the last volcano eruption back in 1960's . And this lady that carry these scuba tank for us... well i am sure this is a feat that most ladies in town working in a nice comfy air condition places will never be able to achieve. Let alone if you are a guy.... This Balinese lady do it with ease... i am sure if any of us guys wanna do that.... hmmmm will be having a hard time. These two tank are easily 30 kilos with all the gear and stuff. And balancing it on the head somemore... really an eye opener.

The Following picture are all capture in the first day. Well this is just some of the picture more of it is at my facebook. My email in case you don't recall its,I'll be uploading most of my picture taken into Facebook. So can check it out there. This blog is just some of the interesting one.

The corals plant in here is marvelous Its teeming with life down here not something you'll get in back in Malaysia. Well only limited places in Malaysia you can find that rich populated marine life. That plane... well its not a plane wreck. Its just metal that was shaped into a plan and planted into the sea here for marine live to stay.

Some of the Creature that i'll never be able to see in Malaysia or maybe i just haven't been able to meet them yet are these two nice Sea horses. Its called a Pigmy Seahorse. Can you spot them... I am sure if your eyes don't need any correction power you'll be able to spot them. :P They are just slightly smaller or maybe even the bigger one will be the size of our 5Cents Coin.

And this little fella is a shrimp. which is half the size of a 5cents coin. and of course the ever beautiful Nudi Branch. Sadly i don't get to see that much nudi branch here but well I found a new thing that i love underwater.

Tada... Its called the Harlequin Shrimp Gosh this is the first time i am seeing them and i love them alot. They are just sooooo nice and beautiful. Their sizes... hmmm well the more pinkish one is just the size of our 20cents coin while the bigger one is slightly bigger then our 50cents coins.

Then come these school of yellow tail fish. nothing fancy just that they are kind of regular here in Bali while in Malaysia mainly redang side you don't see it often. Now the second picture.... What do you see of it... If your guess its a piece of leaf well then you are half right. The bottom piece on the floor it is indeed a piece of leaf coconut leave while the other that's half floating its a fish. Yes its a FISH not a piece of leave.

Then comes the bigger of the fishes. This guy... Dunno what's its called just that its so kind and good relaxing there and not afraid for me to take a nice picture of it. The white guy its a paper fish. And this is the only white color guy that i saw in our entire trip. The yellow one much more common. But in Malaysia rare.

Last but not least I saw a school of kembong fish swimming near the shore. And that's me next to the school with my instructor taking the picture using his camera while the second one is using my camera taking a closer look at those nice fishes.

As for our meal... well here is some of it.... First one is my Pork Curry Rice. And the second its Nasi Campur Balinese style. Their nasi campur is not like us in Malaysia where you pick ur own dishes. Here its a fix type of vege and meat.

This Chilly is Superbly hot and wonderful. You don't get much of them in malaysia Even our typical Malaysian Chilly Padi is no match for these. Second picture is taken during lunch break in between dive. See everyone is hungry and enjoying their meal.

This one is during dinner the aftermath where everyone is contented with their meals. The other one Its Just my Instructor trying to be Half face and not Two face ya. :p

That's basically my Day 2 in Bali. Morning 9am Dive 10am finish break 1 hour 11am Dive again 12pm finish 1pm lunch 3pm dive again back 4pm shower hanging around KPC about our dive for the day some goes for Massage by the time 7pm come Dinner. After dinner go back hang around the pool or go back to respective room sleep. around 10pm Cuz everyone also tired. Come day 3. That's another posting :p

Monday, September 08, 2008

MY BALI trip Experience. Day 1

Well just going to share pictures and more pictures today, from my recent BALI trip that is.

First off Welcome to BALI International Airport. Okay mind that dude changing behind dunno why my instructor take this picture with him changing... maybe he is gay wakakaka :p Then while on the way to Kuta town while waiting for the other diver who is coming on other flight All we saw along the road was this long pole with some nice deco hanging down. Only to know later that the day after that which is 30th August is the Balanese New Year so that's why the deco.

Then all along the road while walking we get to see Balanese building and from the temp Hotel we put up while waiting for the others, Just outside of it there's all the older building shops which is somewhat reminds you of Chinatown in KL.

The other things that was just outside our hotel which is just 1 minute walk away was the Memorial in memory of those that died in the BALI bombing back in 2002. A closer look will show you those that have died on that unfaithful day where Australian have the most casualties with 88 people died. No malaysian.

So after the 3 hours flight First stop we landed ourself in Kuta town was to find a restaurant to eat and the first meal of the day in Bali is no other then Nasi Goreng Special. There's my meal. Simple and cost me RP 10,000.00 equates to something like 4 bucks here in KL.

And Both my instructor drinks were Mango Juice and a Watermelon Juice. While i had a Orange Juice which is ermmm... white and not orangeee in color.

So after our tummy is filled we went walking around. Saw some interesting signboard, and one of the more famous backlane where alot of tourist walk and bargain for their shopping goods.

While on the road walking we also saw some indonesian cheerleaders dancing in the jeep promoting for some disco in town i guess. And we walk pass the biggest beach wear shop in BALI a 3 in one shop where they have all the famous beach wear brand like rip curl, billabong, emily, roxy, quicksilver and more.

Then we come accross a nice hotel. According to my instructor it was renovated so its look beautiful and nice now. Will wanna come and stay here for the next trip.

Their Construction uses volcano sand. And their drainage cover its so much better then Malaysia. Come to KL with this cover 1 min GONE no thanks to our lousy Malaysian who STEALS drainage cover.

And Balanese do prayer alot every morning with these things. Really Interesting.

Well next is the Famous KUTA Beach.... well lots of papaya and watermelon to see here. But if u see those watermelon you'll want to find a hole to puke in :p But they got nice beach. And those Wave is nice.

Mc D here got Spaghetti to eat one See. And this MC D is just next to the beach.. well its opposite the road to the beach.

And Ronald is doing a surfing. And their Sambal Sauce is so much nicer then those in Malaysia MC D Chillies Sauce.

Here's our first dinner group picture and the Ashtray is so much nicer then our Clubs in Malaysia.

And the meal some of us order .... Curry Chicken, Nasi Goreng,

Dunno what Chicken definetly not Curry Chicken. And this is Pork Satay,

This is Fish & Chips. Well look alike la its not call fish and chip there.

First things the guys do when they get to the Tulamben Dive Resort go for a dip in the Pool. with a bottle of white wine they got, Courtesy of MAS.

Of course there's more to come. This is just for Day 1 without the Scuba Diving yet. More to come.