Monday, October 13, 2008

Foods for Thought

Ok here's a posting on some food for thoughts :p Well i start off with something that i didn't post in my recent Bali Trip that is Babi Guling. Its a famous Balinese food in Bali of course and its not easy to find it in Kuta town itself. I was kind of curious when my instructor mention to me about it cuz he say out of 6 trips he went to bali for diving but never tried it before. So well we divers decided to find a way to go get some of this food and well we manage to find one that's a little outside of kuta town center.

Now this is the Signboard for the shop that we went to have our Babi Guling.

As you can see well minus the ashtray.... It consist of pig skin that's fried till like a fish cracker, chop up pieces of serai leaf mix with spices, the satay like meat is just pork meat below the serai spices is the pork meat. and some chillies and some dried internal parts of the pigs. Babi Guling is actually not roasted like the Malaysian roasted pork but in fact they are actually stew in their special soup. Well from what i can see in the stall that is. I was expecting that they BBQ the pork or something but well i was wrong. So then they have all these internal organs of the pork friend and then dried up and serve together. Their soup was very sweet as they uses the Jackfruit as a main ingredient to make it. Well all in all if you get a chance to go Bali should find some and try it. They really taste good :)

Next on line... Well over the weekend I conducted a Swimming Technical Official Gred 3 Course with another lecturer and also my friend Yew Kee in KL. So well as what we always do we uses our allowance to go grab some nice food for dinner or lunch and 1 of the places that i brought him was the Daorae Korean restaurant in Bandar Puteri Puchong. Of course i've been here before with my sibblings and mom during my mom b'day but then this time i bring my friend to enjoy some nice food here too. This was done on the last day after the course ended and we came here for lunch. In the picture is the Menu and the table setting that we seated ourself in. Its a table for 4 and bigger table is also available.

The setting of the table was simple and the seaweed soup was complimentary. The sauces that's served are actually meant to go with the meat that we ordered. Inside the "Grilling pan" is the charcoal that's being used to cook our food.

Here's 2 of the dishes that we order Pork Ribs and marinated Beef Ribs They are not exactly too big in sizes but well its definetly not big enough for my appetite :p But with a few different type of meat i guess it will fill me up.

This one is a Prime Beef Rib Eye meat. Well before it was being cut to pieces it was a whole piece. and those potatoes and onions are just the garnish of the meat together with some garlics that's placed in some oil and heated together.

We also order a bowl of Beef muscle soup. It contains all the muscle of the beef which is quite nice actually. goes well with a bowl of rice too :)

And here's the free food that you will usually get when dining at a Korean restaurant. Usually they have around 8 to 10 varieties of small dishes in small plates where you can refill if you have finish it. The pancake was given to us free at the end of the meal. Well i dunno maybe they are trying some new dishes every table get 1 of it.

Now on the second night of the course we went to Ninja Jones. Well of course I've blog about it before but this time .... I ordered more different food :p First off the usual my favorite Salmon sashimi. Consist of Salmon meat, Salmon belly and the Salmon egg. Then the caterpillar like is unagi top with avocado and cucumber. Yummy stuff they are. :)

Next on line is the Grill Mackerel fish. We order 2 type of it 1 that's shown the natural fish grill with salt and the other was the with teriyaki sauce.(forgot to take picture of that one) Then the next one is also my all time favorite the Ika Teriyaki which is also grill squid.

Next on queue was the Beef. Yum yum and they are the best man i tell you. The cube is the Wagyu Beef which i have shown before this in earlier blog the second is the Kobe Beef. In case you don't know what's a Kobe beef go google it. that few pieces of Kobe Beef cost 130 buckeroos :p But damm its taste marvelous

Of course some smaller side dishes is the Sof

This raw fish... Initially i thought it was a kembong fish but then i don't even recall kembong fish can be make into sashimi like that :p then again i forgotten what this fish is being called it was recommended to us by the waiter there and he mention that its a new dish and the fish just got in today. Its not in the menu. The fish is superbly sweet and taste really good. Its garnish with slices of ginger and onions. As for desert we had this 3 in one thingie. Consist of Pumpkin pudding, fruits, tiramisu cake, a scoop of green tea ice cream and that 2 piece of long stick there is actually pure chocklate. Initially i thought when i saw it in the menu it was a pair of chopstick but then when it came.... it melted in my mouth hahaha :p Well this is some of the nice food we had.

Since it was a 3 days course so we had 3 meals right. On the first night we went to shangrila hotel for their buffet dinner. We decided to go check it out again since we haven't been there for quite some time already. But sadly i didn't bring my camera up but then again... the food there was.... lets just say they are degrading and we decided not to go there again to eat. Quite disappointed with their food now. Other then their oyster that is.

So that's the food for thought :)

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